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Amey Plastics has been and continues to be an important supply partner to Xylem Water Industries, producing many different plastic injection mouldings for a wide array of pump applications.

Xylem’s pumps are used across the world to move not just water but all types of liquid. One market segment is the moving of surface finishing solutions around a filtration system to remove impurities so that the solution can be used repeatedly. Surface finishing includes processes such as chrome plating, anodising and spray painting.

From June of 2020, Amey Plastics now manufactures its own range of pump assemblies for this market. This includes manufacturing the plastic mouldings and purchasing and assembling the non-plastic parts such as ceramics and drive magnets. Amey has been successful in both sustaining and growing its market presence and now supplies the AmeyJet range of pumps and spares components to the UK and beyond.

If you would like more information about our AmeyJet range, take a look at our specification sheets below and get in touch by filling out our contact form below.


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