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Following their existing supplier closing down, Hi-Tech were looking for a new company to manufacture a range of different-sized washers, created from a plastic called ‘Evo-Prem’. Due to the sudden nature of the existing supplier’s closure, Hi-Tech were given only two days’ notice to collect their tooling and find a new supplier that could fulfil their production requirements with little notice.


After doing some research, Hi-Tech contacted Amey Plastics and discovered that we were able to help.

Amey Plastic’s Operations Manager, Lee Reading, visited Hi-Tech to discuss the product and tool requirements. The product, an Evo-Prem washer, was part of a project for a large cosmetics company and was an important component in their production process.

The previous supplier had provided half a bag of Evo-Prem pellets to Hi-Tech and Amey Plastics were able to use this to match the material and associated quality for production.

After a face-to-face meeting, Hi-Tech was reassured Amey Plastics could reproduce the exact product for their needs and even help with creating new tooling should a different-sized washer be required.

Concluding Statement:

Despite the delay in having to source a new company, Hi-Tech, with the support of Amey Plastics, were able to fulfil the order for their cosmetics customer in full and have continued to use Amey Plastics ever since.


Production Manager at Hi-Tech, Chris Reeve, has said:


“We were really impressed with Amey Plastic’s initial responsiveness and proactiveness, always taking the time to meet and discuss options and different solutions as and when necessary. We really appreciated the whole step-by-step process and were incredibly impressed with Amey Plastic’s production lead time, ensuring the product was and continues to be delivered on time and in full. We will continue to work with them on future projects.”

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