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Injection Moulding




Fareham, United Kingdom


Having purchased a set of injection moulds from the USA, MyRetroComputer contacted several injection moulders in the UK to enquire about production, but due to the low numbers requested they were struggling to find a manufacturer that would take on the project.

Due to the lack of progress, MyRetroComputer were considering looking abroad at a company in the United States to get the components manufactured, which would have increased total costs when shipping and duty is factored in.


Amey Plastics were one of the only manufacturers that responded to the enquiry from MyRetroComputer and agreed to take on the production.

The tool for the Computer Case Top was also jamming and damaging the moulding when in operation.

Following a meeting with MyRetroComputer and an inspection of the tool, Amey Plastics were able to carry out a repair to rectify the problem.

Part of the appeal of the Commodore 64 was its trademark colour, and so the colour compounding of the raw material had to be precise in order to recreate it. 


MyRetroComputer were incredibly happy with the end product, particularly the quality of the mouldings, which they felt was better than the original from the USA.


They agreed to an initial production run of 500 units, and will soon be working with Amey Plastics on another part of the computer unit.


“Amey Plastics went out of their way to help our small business. They agreed to help us with a low volume production run and the price was very good.

This is my first time being involved in a project like this, and the team at Amey took the time to explain everything from the repairs needed to the processes involved.

They even took a video of the mould in action, so I could share it with our customers!

I will definitely be using Amey in the future!”Sean, Owner – MyRetroComputer

Supporting Small Businesses:

At Amey Plastics, we are always proud to support small, independent UK businesses and help them achieve their goals.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss producing with us, or you have some technical queries, please do contact us on (+44) 01730 266525 or email

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