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Storage & Distribution

In addition to our design, manufacturing and assembly services, once we have manufactured your product, we can offer bulk storage at our warehouse and subsequent distribution of your product.

Your goods can be distributed as a single item, in small consignments or bulk shipments, across the UK or internationally.

Our 35,000 sqft site located in Hampshire allows us to offer palletised and racked storage and serve all key transport routes to destinations across the UK and overseas, being conveniently located near several airports and port terminals.

Amey Plastics has well-earned reputation for forging close relationships with our clients. We are fully invested in your business and look after your goods as if they were our own.

Just in Time – KanBan

We can manage scheduled orders to meet your production times by manufacturing in bulk and storing your product – sending out only what you need as you need it. This also acts as a buffer stock to meet unexpected demand.

Need more information on our storage facilities and distribution services? Get in touch by filling out our contact form below.


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