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ClockAudio TS 005






Clockaudio was looking to update an existing product to move away from a non-serviceable plastic welded solution, to a click fit for ease of manufacture and servicing. The product in question was the TS 005. This switch is specially designed for use with Clockaudio’s table microphones.


Amey Plastics had the benefit of having designed other products for Clockaudio, so we were able to utilise our previous experience on this project. Firstly, we needed to overcome a number of design challenges, including the elimination of LED ‘hotspots’ and diffusing of the emitted light to give the appearance a more uniform glow. After internal consultation, Amey Plastics suggested spark-eroding the mould tool to provide a mottled finish which would help mask the LED positions, whilst diffusing the light emitted.

Concluding Statement:

“The results speak for themselves. The design has been a success story for many years with many thousands of products sold. The expertise brought to the table by Amey Plastics at the design stage of the product and tooling was invaluable.”

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