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What is injection moulding? – A history of the process

Injection moulding is the manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould. The process has evolved over time and now allows manufacturers to produce an almost infinite range of parts composed of a variety of materials including plastic, metals, glass and elastomers.

Great inventions of modern history certainly include automobiles, aeroplanes, mobile phones, computers and the internet. We would add the processes and machines used for injection moulding to that list.

Plastic Injection Moulding

The process of plastic injection moulding was invented in the late nineteenth century and the first moulding machine was patented in 1872. Despite this machine appearing very simple by today’s standards, it actually paved the way for incredible growth in the plastic manufacturing industry, where basic items such as combs and buttons could be moulded from plastic and mass produced with incredible efficiency.

In the modern world, injection moulding has moved past just producing basic items. Advancement of injection moulding technology, paired with the use of computers, means the process is now used to manufacture parts in almost every industry, including technology, automotive, consumer electronics and home appliances.

Over the course of nearly 150 years, the process of injection moulding has barely changed, however, changes to the machines and technology surrounding it has sped up the process, increasing efficiency and driving production costs down.

Amey Plastics

As a leading Plastic Moulding Company, we provide a range of plastic injection moulding services including:

  1. Microprocessor controlled plastic injection moulding machines 35 to 210 tonne

  2. Precision plastic injection mouldings

  3. Insert moulding

  4. Over moulding

  5. Kan-Ban, Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) delivery systems

  6. Delivery by our own transport or local freight services to any destination

  7. 24/7 operations when needed

We also provide the following post-moulding services:

  1. Ulta sonic welding

  2. Printing

  3. Inserting

  4. Gasketing

  5. Assembly

For more information on our services and to discuss your requirements, contact us today


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