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Plastic Lunchbox Hits the Big Time

A range of children’s plastic lunchboxes is not what you would associate with celebrity status, but after featuring in high profile marketing activities, advertising campaigns and most recently making its debut in BBC drama, its creator, Amey Plastics, has felt more like a booking agent than a plastics manufacturer in recent months.

When plastic injection moulders, Amey Plastics, developed its own range of lunchboxes, it had no idea that it would prove such a hit in the world of promotion, but FMCG giants including ‘Babybel’ and ‘Innocent Smoothies’ have quickly seen the marketing potential of lunchboxes at home, in school and out on picnics.

‘We’ve supplied lunchboxes to a variety companies wanting to connect with primary school aged children and their families,’ explains Phil Scott, Sales Director. ‘Clients like the fact that both sides can be labelled, the product is durable, safe and part of many children’s everyday life.’

Surprisingly, the lunchbox is also establishing a media career for itself with an order for the studio audience of ITV’s ‘Let’s Do Lunch with Gino and Mel’, Babybel featuring them in their television campaigns and a rather sinister role in the BBC drama ‘Silent Witness’.

‘Our lunch boxes were used in one storyline of the latest series as a way of concealing illegal drugs,’ says Phil. ‘We’re still not quite sure whether that is good or bad PR, but it certainly has been a talking point amongst our clients.’

In addition to the lunchboxes, Amey Plastics can make tools for promotional companies to create their own plastic products. ‘We’ve created moulds for commissioned products so that the agencies and their clients know they are using unique items.’


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