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What is Overmoulding?

Used in a wide range of industries to produce a variety of items, overmoulding is a manufacturing process that falls under the umbrella of plastic injection moulding.

In this blog, we explain what overmoulding is, the process, and some of its benefits.


Much like other plastic injection moulding processes such as insert and two-shot moulding, overmoulding is used to combine two different materials to make one complete, strong, functional and eye-pleasing product.

Where overmoulding is different to the two previously mentioned methods, is in the process.

How does it work?

To begin with, a substrate, or base item, is moulded out of a plastic material.

Once this substrate is ready, another resin is injected either into, onto, or around the substrate.

As the piece cools, the two resins become chemically bonded, resulting in a durable and seamless finished product.

What are the benefits?

Overmoulding has a number of benefits, including:

  • Cost efficiency – The bonding stage of the manufacturing is not a separate process; it happens as part of the second cycle. Combining these two processes into one, overmoulding cuts production times, and ultimately costs, down, particularly with smaller production runs.

  • Increased durability – The materials used in overmoulding are not only long lasting and durable, they can have improved performance when it comes to wear and tear factors such as abrasions or impacts.

  • Aesthetically pleasing – With a variety of coloured resins to choose from, overmoulding can produce attractive looking items.

  • Improved performance – The addition of the softer thermoplastics to a design can help with end user performance. With items such as tools, the thermoplastics can provide a softer feel, while also increasing grip and reducing stress on the hands.

Overmoulding at Amey Plastics

Amey Plastics are your one stop shop for all things plastic injection moulding.

Since being established over 30 years ago, Amey Plastics has since become a leading plastic injection moulding and tool making company, helping customers at home in the UK and abroad.

As well as assisting you with your plastic injection moulding needs, whether it’s 2-shot, insert, or overmoulding, we can also help with a project from start to finish, providing advice on product design and delivery.

You can learn more about our services here, or contact your friendly team today by calling 01730 266525, or via email at


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