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What is Insert Moulding

Previously, we delved into the world of 2-shot moulding, and in the next blog in this series, we’ll be exploring insert moulding, explaining what it is, how it works, and its benefits.

Insert Moulding

Very simply, insert moulding is a manufacturing method where plastic is moulded around a non-plastic insert to create a complete item.

The insert can be a wide variety of things, from simple components such as a thread or metal pole, to more complex items such as magnets.

Insert moulding is ideal for combining multiple materials (usually metal and plastic) and components together to create a complete product.

How Insert Moulding Works

The pre-formed component is loaded into the moulding tool, either via robotic assistance or a manually by an operator, and the plastic material is then moulded around it to produce a complete item.

What are the Benefits of Insert Moulding?


By adding the insert before the moulding process, any secondary manufacturing steps are eliminated as the product leaves the machine complete.


Products with an inserted component are much more durable and robust.

It can save money

Insert moulding is a one-step process, meaning that it can eliminate any post-moulding work, saving on time and labour.

It can produce items of a variety of sizes

More so than other manufacturing methods, insert moulding can deliver smaller or thinner items, while still maintaining the same sturdiness.

It’s versatile

With the right tooling setup, virtually any item can be insert moulded. A wide range of resins, including eco-friendly thermoplastics, can be used in insert moulding, meaning a variety of products can be produced.Insert Moulding at Amey Plastics

Insert Moulding at Amey Plastics

At Amey Plastics, we have a wealth of experience in a wide range of plastic injection moulding, including insert moulding, 2-shot moulding, over moulding, and more.

With a fleet of 35 to 320 tonne plastic injection moulding machines, including a brand new Haitian Mars 3, as well as an experienced design team that can help guide you through your project, from concept to finished product, Amey Plastics is your one stop shop for plastic injection moulding.

You can learn more about our services here, or contact your friendly team today by calling 01730 266525, or via email at


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