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What are Form in Place Gaskets?

Used in a wide variety of industries all around the globe, form in place gasketing, also known as FIP Gasketing or FIPG, is a liquid gasketing process that forms reliable and durable seals between plastic or metal surfaces.

But what’s the story behind FIPG, and why is it so popular? In this blog, we’ll be exploring exactly that, delving into FIPG’s history, detailing the industries it’s used in, and discussing its advantages.

The Beginning

First produced by the Shin-Etsu Chemical Company in the 1970s, the first FIP gaskets were made from room temperature vulcanised silicone.

Initially used to seal engines, it was only later that they were then supplied to manufacturers.

From there, FIPG became the gasket of choice in many industries due to the precision offered, ease of application and the reduction in wasted materials.

Today, FIPG is the standard in for many manufacturers and industries, with demand only increasing.

What is it, exactly?

Dispensed as a liquid, FIP gaskets can be used on either metal or plastic parts.

Produced using computer numerical machines (CNC), FIP gaskets can be applied to surfaces that measure as small as less than two millimetre wide and can accommodate any housing or surface imperfections.

What are the advantages of FIPG?

There’s a reason FIPG has become the standard for many high-tech manufacturers.

Some of the advantages of FIPG are:

  • high precision,

  • adaptability,

  • more consistent seals,

  • can be used on large or small projects,

  • reliability and durability,

  • speed of application, and

  • reduces material waste compared to more traditional methods

Which industries use it?

Being a liquid that sets hard, FIPG is massively adaptable and has been used in an array of industries.

Some of the most common are:

  • Electronics – primarily for casing and housing. FIPG can create a seal, as well as provide support for electronic components.

  • Medical – on equipment such as ventilators, dialysis machines and more. Highly effective gas tight seals mean valves can be frequently opened and closed, re-sealing every time.

  • Marine – providing effective waterproof seals in both fresh and salt water.

  • Aerospace industry – for items such as drones and flight equipment. FIPG is particularly popular in this sector due to the high level of adhesion to the surface.

  • Communications equipment – in wireless routers and mobile devices.

FIPG and Amey Plastics

Since 2020, Amey Plastics has been providing a comprehensive FIPG service to manufacturers across the UK.

Our state-of-the-art Sonderhoff machine provides high quality, bespoke gaskets to a variety of industries, following intricate paths and accommodating different size demands.

You can read more about our FIPG service here.

If you’d like to discuss any gasket needs you might have, contact us today by calling 01730 266525 or emailing us on


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