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Why Reshoring Your Plastic Injection Moulding to the UK Makes Business Sense

You may have already noticed that a significant shift has been taking place across the country’s manufacturing landscape. Companies are increasingly moving their manufacturing bases back to the UK. This process, known as reshoring, offers a myriad of benefits ranging from economic to environmental advantages. Here’s why we think your business should consider reshoring its plastic injection moulding operations to the UK:

1. Enhanced Supply Chain Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic and more recently, the Houthi rebel attacks in the Red Sea, have underscored the fragility of global supply chains. Reshoring manufacturing to the UK can mitigate risks associated with overseas supply disruptions, ensuring a more stable and reliable supply chain. Proximity to manufacturing facilities reduces lead times, enhances flexibility and allows for quicker responses to market changes or disruptions.

2. Improved Quality Control

Quality is paramount in plastic injection moulding. Manufacturing in the UK allows for closer oversight, ensuring that products meet the high standards expected by UK audiences. Direct involvement in the manufacturing process facilitates immediate quality checks and swift rectification of any issues, maintaining the integrity of your brand.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

While offshore manufacturing might seem cheaper, hidden costs related to shipping, tariffs and long lead times can accumulate. Reshoring can reduce these expenses, particularly with the UK's increasingly competitive manufacturing environment. Additionally, the use of advanced manufacturing technologies in the UK can offset higher labour costs through improved efficiency and productivity.

4. Support for the British Economy

Reshoring supports the UK economy by creating jobs and fostering economic growth. Investing in local manufacturing can enhance your company's reputation, appealing to consumers who are increasingly supportive of businesses that contribute to local employment and economic development.

5. Environmental Benefits

Shorter supply chains mean reduced transport distances, leading to lower carbon emissions. By reshoring your plastic injection moulding operations to the UK, your business can contribute to global sustainability efforts, aligning with the growing consumer preference for environmentally responsible companies.

6. Innovation and Collaboration

The UK is renowned for its innovation and technological advancements. Reshoring provides opportunities to collaborate with local research institutions, innovators, and suppliers, driving advancements in plastic injection moulding processes and materials. This collaborative environment can spur innovation, enhancing your product offerings and competitive edge.

7. Aligning with Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturing in the UK ensures compliance with local regulations and standards, reducing the risks associated with non-compliance in foreign markets. The UK's regulatory framework is designed to uphold high standards of product safety, environmental protection and workers' rights, aligning with the values of many businesses and consumers.

8. Increased Speed to Market

One of the most significant advantages of reshoring your plastic injection moulding operations to the UK is the considerable reduction in transportation time, directly translating into a faster speed to market for your products. When manufacturing is situated closer to your primary market, you eliminate the lengthy transit times associated with overseas shipping, which not only speeds up delivery but also enhances your ability to respond swiftly to market trends and consumer demands. This agility can provide a substantial competitive edge, allowing your business to adapt quickly to new opportunities or shifts in consumer preferences. Moreover, the reduction in transportation time contributes to lower inventory levels, reducing storage costs and minimising the risk of obsolescence.

Join the Reshoring Revolution

Reshoring your plastic injection moulding operations to the UK is not just a strategic business decision; it's a commitment to quality, sustainability and economic growth. By embracing reshoring, your company can enhance its resilience, drive innovation, and build a stronger connection with consumers who value locally manufactured products. The time to consider reshoring is now – seize the opportunity to redefine your manufacturing strategy and position your business for long-term success.

At Amey Plastics, our team have been involved in multiple successful reshoring projects and are always on hand to guide you through your reshoring journey, offering our expertise and support every step of the way. To discuss your needs or get your questions answered, contact the Amey Plastics team at 01730 266525 or email us at


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