Richard Winson is the inventor of ‘Bimbrix’, a precision engineered, plastic ‘active learning’ tool, consisting of 1:5 scale building components designed to teach a variety of elements to construction technology (

‘Throughout my 25 years in the building and construction sector, I have always believed there had to be a more effective, practical approach to teaching the skills needed within it. The idea for Bimbrix had been in my mind for many years, but I started seriously sketching the idea and raising funds in 2013.’

‘Meeting Amey Plastics was the final piece of the puzzle and we started working together in the summer of 2014. I had little knowledge of manufacturing and they guided me through the entire process from design and prototypes, through modifications and adjustments, to tool making and the production of the finished article.’

‘It was fantastic working with a company that was near where I lived and every time I visited their operations for discussion and work with Ken and the team, I received a warm welcome, clear explanation and invaluable help.’

‘Amey Plastics made my idea a reality and kept me with them every step of the way. Without them, I doubt Bimbrix would have been created in the time it was. I am very grateful for and appreciative of their positive attitude, desire to help above and beyond the call of duty and all their hard work.’
Richard Winson
‘Amey Plastics has been with us since the beginning. The company made the tooling for the casing for the main control unit of our alarm system. We initially contacted several toolmakers, but after Amey Plastics paid us a visit, we got on really well and decided they were the company for the job.’

‘Ken is a dream to work with. He is patient, knowledgeable and has exceptional skill. He helped with developing the box that would house the electronic alarm system and he produced a reliable, attractive and practical solution. ‘

‘I would recommend Amey Plastics to the whole world!’
Filip De Kock
Managing Director / Truckminder Worldwide Ltd
‘We wanted to use a supplier that was as local as possible and found Amey Plastics after a search on the internet. They designed and produced a double-backed, plastic square gel cassette to hold our ‘Acqua Gel’ matrix together’

‘Amey Plastics did all our initial drawings, created prototypes and made the tool that was needed to create our product. It was such an easy process. Designs were clear, easy to understand and each stage of the process was very well explained. We were also given great advice on the materials we should use and all the logistics involved in the creation of our product.’

‘We have found Amey Plastics not only provides a reliable and efficient service, but is also a great source of support. Their team could not be more helpful.’
Dr Edward Clayson
Founder / Acquascience