At Amey Plastics, we can help you with your project from concept, through to the finished product.

We are able to test and prototype your idea using our SLA 3D Printing technology. Through 3D Printing, objects or parts are built in very thin layers using a digital CAD method to create three-dimensional products. 3D Printing is ideal for creating quick and functional prototypes or even producing low-volume batches or end-user parts that require high detail.

Our experienced team of CAD designers can design and produce highly precise 3D printed models to bring your concept to life.

We have produced 3D Printed products & parts for the following:

  • Small parts
  • High-precision prototypes
  • One-off products
  • Low-volume batch production

If you would like more information or a quote on our 3D Printing services for your project, get in touch by filling in our contact form or visit our contact page.

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Case Study

Find out how we helped this Hampshire-based Manufacturer reduce costs with a 3D Printed Prototype.

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