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Table top board games provides boost for 3D-printing businesses

Over the last year, the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a wide variety of hobbies enjoy a spike in popularity. Some are more traditional, like running , and of course walking has almost become a mandatory national past time, but some people have taken up a hobby that is a decidedly more indoors activity, and dusted off their old tabletop board games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons.

The Lockdown Influence

Since the first lockdown was announced and the ability to go out and see friends was lost overnight, many people were looking for alternatives ways to connect with and the fantasy role playing game seems to have been a popular choice, with long time players teaching friends and family. Sales for the Dungeons & Dragons brand shot up 33% last year with parent company Wizards of the Coast’s revenue growing 24% in 2020, cracking $816 million.

3D Printing Meets 2D Gaming

The boost in popularity of games like Dungeons & Dragons has also meant a boost in business for the 3D printing industry. Businesses around the world have begun to offer customers their 3D printing services to players to create miniature figurines of characters as well as other components for their games. The demand for this service has grown as lockdown restrictions ease, and the prospect of meeting up with friends and family and playing in person again moves closer and closer. Some businesses have been set up with he very purpose of providing this service, allowing players to design their model and have it printed in a variety of materials and colours, or even save their design file and take it to a third party to have it printed.

3D Printing at Amey Plastics

This unexpected avenue is further evidence of the versatility and accessibility of 3D printing, and at Amey Plastic we offer a complete 3D printing service that will take from concept to finished product.

Our experienced team of engineers and designers have produced a wide variety of items, from small parts to high-precision prototypes, for a broad range of sectors. You can see examples of the products we’ve produced here.

To find out more about how we can help you with your 3D printing or injection moulding needs, contact us today by calling 01730 266525, or emailing us at


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