Manufacturer of Commentary Systems for Tourist Transportation




Following a connection made at the Southern Manufacturing Show (Farnborough) in February 2020, Amey Plastics made contact with a company which manufactures commentary systems for tourist transportation. The company was experiencing failing ultrasonic welding on its LED lens covers, leading to moisture ingress in the housing; which caused multiple malfunctions in the system.


Although Amey Plastics has ultra-sonic welding capability in-house, we decided a more efficient and long-term solution to overcoming the problem of moisture ingress, was through laying down a gasket using our Sonderhoff Gasketing Machine. This would act as both a sealant and a bonding agent between the lens cover and the housing – solving the problem and avoiding product returns in the long run.

We provided samples to the customer using this method and the customer confirmed that the assembly was now watertight and that our proposed method was successful. They were delighted at having found a long-term and cost-effective solution, for a previously costly problem.

Could you benefit from gasket application?

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